Our Value Proposition

Why does Google care which listing is at the top of its search results page (SERP)?

If Google consistently provides the answer searchers are looking for, with less effort than it’s competitors, it will maintain the market dominance it established through that approach since its inception in 1998.

Search Engine Optimization

Google offers free business tools. Your Part-Time CMO offers affordable management.

If your business is looking to go from invisible to inevitable you need Google on your side. Google dominates the search engine space. If you can make it here you can make it anywhere. Let us help.

See How You Rank

Navigating the free services offered by Google is almost as daunting as optimizing those services.

The cornerstone of search optimization is Google Analytics. We will deploy the latest GA Universal tag (through Google Tag Manager), connect it to other platform tools, and set up streamlined monthly reports to simplify actionable data.
Understanding how prospects are finding your website allows us to focus on the “lowest hanging fruit” Google Search Console tells you the keywords that were used in search queries that led to page visits. We’ll help optimize your theme to enhance those results.
Page load speed is a core signal within the Google search rank algorithm. Google Tag Manager not only simplifies the installation of tags, and reduces the need for IT support, it allows pages to load faster.
Location authority determines whether your business is visible on Google Maps and whether your Knowledge Panel deserves to be shown. Google My Business is critical for the success of bricks & mortar shops.

The information provided is from Google Developers:


“Find out how Google sees your site”

“To get started, test your site in the Mobile-Friendly Test to see how Googlebot sees your site. Googlebot is Google’s web crawling bot that discovers new and updated pages and adds them to the Google index. For more information about the process, go to How Google Search Works.

You may be surprised to find that Googlebot doesn’t always see everything that you see in the browser. In the following example, Googlebot doesn’t know there are images on this page because the page uses a JavaScript feature that isn’t supported by Googlebot.”

User View Structured Data