Targeted Discovery Optimization

Discovery optimization is as straightforward as the name implies. Targeted Discovery Optimization is the process by which relevant discovery opportunities are identified and ranked. Search Engine Optimization tactics are fundamental and provide the “guardrails” that ensure the most relevant audience is engaged.

Every dollar you spend is diffused amongst the audience your ad platform considers relevant. Does your ad platform know if the audience is actually interested in the solutions you have to offer? Your Part-time CMO helps you amplify your value proposition to the audience most likely to convert.


A prospect or client who knows your brand and is just looking to find specific information is not the same as someone discovering that your brand offers a solution to their problem.

MB Fort Washington SEO SERP Example

In “the old days” when you needed a solution to your problem, you opened up the Yellow Pages and searched by keyword to find businesses that might solve your problem.

To understand the above example move the slider all the way to the left. The screen capture revealed shows a search completed on Google’s advertiser tool This tool lets brands discover where they rank on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), anywhere in the world, and without the influence of caching (caching is your browser’s “memory” of where you have already visited). Many executives forget that their browser cache will influence search results. Previous visits to their website properties will skew their search results. Google’s search tool eliminates the influence of caching and allows clean, unbiased results. (Pro-tip: When you have completed your review of our Internet Marketing Services give it a try)

Targeted Discovery Optimization means reaching new audiences. Audiences need your solution. They have signaled through their digital actions where you can point them to your content. Brand searches, or as we call them, White Pages Search, are not discovery opportunities. The prospects or customers already know your name and are seeking to connect.

“Mercedes Benz Warranty” (above example search) is a branded search, but since a specific dealership is not specified, the trademark owner will receive the top Organic (non-ad) result. Local dealerships will show up next based on Google Local Search parameters. If the searcher were in California, the dealerships listed would be nearby. In our example, a local Philadelphia dealer using our strategies outranks the trademark owner and ALL local dealerships nationwide. Ok. Now you can go to and see for yourself. If anything needs clarification, please reach out via our Contact Us form.