Search Engine Optimization

Data Is Everywhere.

It is captured and used to signal intent. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services) organize and amplify the data to ensure Google, Bing, and all other search tools understand.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization Services-What’s Included?

Google prefers a consistent, specific theme for each web page. Despite the most advanced machine learning and algorithmic voodoo, web pages that convey messages that include multiple products, services, or ideas can result in sub-par indexing. Your Part-time CMO will help identify the best structure to convey your brand narrative to your intended audience as well as search crawlers and bots.
Having identified the web page theme and narrative structure, Your Part-time CMO works with you to create a list of queries and keywords that your audience is most likely to use when seeking solutions like yours. We leverage a selection of the top research tools and our proprietary methodology utilizing Google Ads API and current search results to ensure your webpage surfaces at the right time to the right audience.
Online search prior to a purchase is now so ubiquitous that listing statistics about the percentages is unnecessary. If you are responsible for connecting your brand with an audience you know you need to be found on search. A fact you might not be aware of is that 94% of all searches happen on a Google property. The words typed into the Google search box are Keywords. Your Part-time CMO tracks the position of each and share your progress with automated bi-monthly reports.